Story telling is in the heart of everything we do

W e are creators and since film is a team effort, we made a collective.

Creators Collective is a Copenhagen based production company with a sister unit in LA. Merging talent from cinema and commercial in to a melting pot of visual storytelling. Between us we have decades of experience from around the world and many a great tale to tell. We focus mainly on telling our clients story, but also the ones we make up on our own. Spanding from commercials, tv series and concepts to short and feature film, the visual world is really our oyster. As we are based in Copenhagen, it is only natural that our style is grounded in the cool nordic scene, but we do produce all over the planet and we can be booked as a team or individuals, to cater for any requirement.

To us the most exiting thing in the world is to create. Whether you are a large corporation or a smaller business, we have a solution to cover your needs for visuals. From first brief, concept creation to shoot production and final edit, we are here to help.

Contact us and tell us what’s on your mind, so we can help you tell the world